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Please read first the first aid support list.

When you make a support ticket, respect the following guidelines:
  • Do not be angry on us, we shipped it, we did. Alot of extern factors decide if you receive it or not. Happy customers buy again, unhappy customers do not. Thats our motto. So no capitals, no swearing. This will not help getting you friendly support on anyway. The friendly you are, the best way we can help you.
  • "where is my order" ... ok you mentioned that... but were is your order number? Without order number we can't help you, simple as that. Such mistakes aren't deadly on the time spectrum.
  • Making fake requests will be not tolerated. Our supplier can track it down, so if we find out you cheated us, consequences can be hard.
  • Sometimes people send us requests in arabic. Understand we do not know a single word arabic. is the right tool for you!
The genral rule is to give us a much info as possible. This will help you and us to make fast support interventions. 
Please read also our faq, with alot of answered questions (here)

If it didn't helped you, please use our support system

Contact us here or use the form below if you want to use your facebook messenger.

The checklists when you your order has been sended out


  1. Check the adres of your order, is it right? If not, contact us
  2. Did you wait long enough? Wait till 45 days after shipping to contact us. Free shipping can take long, expectially on days with christmis and new year.
  3. Did you use paid shipping? Than try to use the tracking number. Contact us if anything unusuals you would see on the tracking page.
  4. Received wrong, malfunction products? Contact us asap. Imortant is here to make pictures. We always need pictures.
These simple checklists make sure you can help you the best way possible. Making a support ticket after 10 days is rather useless if you took free shipping, since waiting time of 15-40 days is NOT weird.






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