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Interested in signing up for our referral program? Please begin by logging in to your account. If you don't already have an account, you can create one here.

Our Referrer Terms and Conditions

Make money with lrapshop

Want to earn some extra cash with Lrapshop? You can now sell with Lrapshop under our affiliate program.

Post a banner or a link on your website with your affiliate link and you can earn 5% of the total sale.

NEW - Automatic Referral customers without promoting

PLAN One time - lifetime fee Your refferal link will be inserted Max plans available
Free plan 0$ You need promote your referral links yourself :( Unlimited
Lite plan 5$ Every 500 times someone visits our website* 20 (40) 25 sold, 15 left
Basic plan 15$ Every 100 times someone visits our website* 20
Advanced plan 37$ Every 20 times someone visits our website* 6
Extreme plan 80$ Every 10 times someone visits our website* 5

*The referral link will be inserted when customers arrive to our website with no referral link.

*When the maximum account reaches we disable the plan for more orders

For payment options and technical details: give us an email @


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Vikinghits Excellent way to promote your reff link! Its a hybid between a PTC, manual surf and social surf.
Hostgator Earn 50$ for each hosting you sell via hostgator hosting!




What is the Minimum cashout?

Minimum cashout is 1$

How can i be paid?

We payout with payza. Western union can be requested, but there is 150$ minimum payout and consist in paying the receiving fees. You can also use it towards a product.

How much can I earn?

You will earn 5% of the total sale. You will only earn this on orders that have been paid and shipped! Cancelled orders and refunded orders will be deducted again from your balance.

When do I receive my referral link?

No waiting anymore, its instant! Just login and come back to this page. It will ask for a homepage link. You may use anything you want. This link is not important and does not decide were you can promote. You can promote anywhere with your unique url.

how do I request a payout?

Please send us an email to with your reffeal url and account email. Requests need to come from the email address linked to your account.



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