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Conditions of Use Terms of use---

1.0.A Fundamentals - rules on items that have been purchased through our items listed on the site.

1.0.A Lrapshop product listings

Free shipping 2.5$ - forced so we can proof on the end we sended it. Free shipping is a bad idea.

Forced Tracking is added to all Lrapshop site orders for 2.5$, this includes an insurrence fee.

We offer a 45 day insurrence, this means if you didnt received it, you need to contact us after 45 days of shipping.  The process will take a moment, on our side we will contact our shipping company to see if they can trace it, they might ask us to wait another 10 bussines days. On the end we promise we will refund or resend the order. Contact us via Note, always check your postal office if you didnt receive your order yet. 

An order reported 'not arrived' after 180 days of sending can not be rfunded, all orders need to be reported between 45-180 days via the rma request feature. After 180 days we will not be able to give you a refund.

If your item has not arrived we will ask our the supplier to track it. This process takes about 5 bussines days. If you told us the truth we will provide you a refund when the rules above apply to you.

When we receive back a package that didn't arrive because they couldn't deliver it, your responsible to pay for the shipping loss. This is 10-15% of the package. We will give you the choice between a resend or a refund. With some suppliers you could be responsible for the shipping cost.


1.0.B Reselling service of

This are the rules of reselling service and do not apply to our listings.

As this is a service were we have to work with third parties, we can assure you we paid for your order with your address. We highly recommend you to choose for paid shipping, since we do not offer any insurance for this service. We just buy it and show you the proof we bought it, that's it. We ask you to check your shop you want to use on google about their status & proofs of legal.

1.1 Alertpay/payza payment terms

New Customers - 25$ Spending limit + 3 days holding time.

Continued Customers -50$ Spending limit + 3 Days holding time.  NO limit

All payments made with alertpay/payza will be held for 3 days! This is due to many issues we have had in the past with funds being withdrawal from us. Once you make an order and wish to pay with alertpay you will have to wait 3 days before we process your item.

1.2 Solidtrustpay

Since solidtrustpay does not have a refund option, we need to use the send feature if a refund occurs. In case of a refund, a refund fee might be charged.

1.3 egopay

Since skrilldoes not have a refund option, we need to use the send feature if a refund occurs. In case of a refund, a refund fee might be charged.

1.4 skrill

Since solidtrustpay does not have a refund option, we need to use the send feature if a refund occurs. In case of a refund, a refund fee might be charged.

2.1 Free shipping

Free shipping is offered on all our products worldwide. Free shipping means to ship your items their will not be any additional costs. Most likely will be shipped via hongkong post. Please allow up to 30-45 days to receive your items. Usually only takes 2-3Weeks.

For shipping guarantee please see 6.2

3.1 Importing

Lr/AP Shop sends goods to you from China. As such, you (or the consignee) are IMPORTING. In many countries this means you will be liable for import duties and other taxes. It's YOUR responsibility to find out about this, and YOUR responsibility to pay the taxes/charges on receipt of the items.

4.1 PO Boxes

We can't deliver to PO boxes, APO addresses, or certain remote areas. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, and refund any orders where we deem the address to be undeliverable.

4.2. Refund

If a refund occurs you are responsible in paying for the the fees of receiving and send fees. Payza is fee free, STP and EGOPAY are not. We hold the right to refund.

5.1 Phone Number

You need a valid phone number on your account. If your phone number is NOT valid you may not receive your items. We need to place a valid phone number to the shipping company encase issue with shipment.

6.1 Warranty returns

Under the terms of the warranty, if a product arrives broken or develops a fault during the warranty period, you are responsible for the costs of returning it to China for repair / compensation. Some items may be replaced if broken on arrival*

Lr/AP Shop doesn't accept returns of products which are not faulty. If you order the wrong products by mistake, or order products that cannot work in your country (e.g. wrong GSM type for cell phones, DVB-T to unsupported countries, PAL/NTSC to wrong regions) we will not offer return/exchange after the goods are sent out.

Flashing the firmware on products voids the warranty. Even if the product comes with firmware update features / software, please do not use it. The same goes for opening up the body of a product and breaking the warranty seal.

Take note of the *sensor* megapixel rating on digital cameras, not the maximum interpolated rating printed on the product or in the manual by the Chinese manufacturer.

6.2 Arrival Guarantee

We do not Guarantee your order will arrive, especially with free shipping. Customs may seize your shipment due to any unknown issues with importing goods. If you have not received your goods after 45 days , please contact your local post office if they have your package. If not , contact about your order , to see if there are other solutions. If you choose an item from our listing, we offer you a 45 day refund policy if it didn't arrive (after 45 days of shipping). For Lrapshop ordering service it depends on if you choose for untracked shipment or tracked shipment. Tracked shipment gets insurance, untracked shipment we do not guarantee anything.

For larger orders we HIGHLY recommend using non free shipping methods with tracking information. This is available on all orders. Please note on your order you wish for different shipping method or contact us directly. We will quote on your order.

We strive on 100% Positive feedback , but we cannot guarantee your orders will arrive. If you have an issue please contact us before posting negative feedback.

7.1 Test orders

We strongly recommend you test order before proceeding with large wholesale orders. As such we may not offer you detailed quantity price breaks until you have successfully placed sample orders.

8.1 Affiliate

You cannot collect affiliate commissions on your own orders. We track all order with our Affiliate program , if we see a match with your account you will be terminated. Please use our system without abusing it.

9.1 Refunds

If you pay for an order and cancel it, or we are offering compensation for a failed delivery or warranty return, we reserve the right to offer "credit against future orders" instead of a cash refund.


We reserve the right to change our Terms of use at any time. Updated May 2013



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