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About was started by three young individuals and friends in 2010 located in Europe and North America. The problems was that we couldnt buy anything with the e-currencies we had earned. The non-existing of this, was the reason to startup In the beginning we accepted only libertyreserve* and alertpay. After some period we also accepted perfect money. offers a resell service. We pay the supplier of these products, and we will accept the e-currency that was never accepted. These items listed are products of diffent suppliers who proved us to be a good supplier. We are proud to offer insurance on all items while shipping. Today, after almost a year and a half, we are still working to improve our website. Thanks to the paid to click programs out of their we can provide them an easy cash-out service in the form of an actual product. We will always be here to support you with the questions. This via email or via the live support chat.

Lrapshop is old and brave website. We seen changes in the bussines, going from alertpay-pay to  payza, from libertyreserve to the collapse in 2013. We are here to stay, being your webshop for your local e-currencies! Accepting over8 e-currencies like the award winning payza, the great egopay to the new bitcoin... We move forward and we are the right address for your needs.

Were is lrapshop located/Were are your offices?

Lrapshop works via the reselling/dropshipping principe. That means we dont need to have stock of our products. Diffrent suppliers ship for us ,from hongkong. This is also the reason why young individuals could open this reseller shop. Our suppliers are mainly located in china. Thats due the reason most of them send international. On your first order we provide insurrence against lost items if you bought products on our website, the RS service you will need to take insurrence at that 3th party webshop. So basically, Lrapshop has no offices, since their is no stock, we are a home bussines. but is operated from Europe and North America.

Some proofs and facts about lrapshop

Lrapshop received a page rank 1 of Google:
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Lrapshop was born on 2010-07-20

Check lrapshop stats and creation date. Thats means we already operating for about 4 years!

We have over 2000 facebook fans!

Proofs have been posted over the internet. Here are some pictures and reviews of our shop.

These images can be found at our facebook. They were uploaded by the customers themself. More pictures can be found also their.
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Internet is a dangerous place when you are working in the paid to click area or the investment sites. I can say I learned two things:
Do not engage in websites that promise you % daily for doing nothing. Do not believe in the forex stories, do not believe anything what is written on such sites. Maybe you will have one time luck. Mostly it ends up in being cheated and scammed. Not a single site of them is legit and are mostly ponzi schemes. Do not engage in them!
Some paid to click programs will never pay you. Its maybe better to look for good reviews of that websites before you engage in doing the paid to click thing. Since time is money, spoiled time is loosing money.



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