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We ship to United States, for more info about shipping: shipping page!

We Selling via Payza since 2010. Lrapshop Accepts Payza (use the withdraw to bitcoin option), Bitcoin (BTC) and we ship worldwide!


24,000 items and counting 


The rise of bitcoin has not been blind. We offer 35% off on all our products if bought with bitcoin. The main reason why I that we suspect still a surge in bitcoin, the bitcoin you pay will be a investment for later. This is a limited time offer.




We launched cheaper tracked shipping! went FROM 2.5 TO 1.95$! We also now offer untracked shipping for 0.75$.



We shipping almost worldwide (including Pakistan, India, Sri lanka,...) and offer a flat rate fee for tracked shipping. 

We offer shipping to regions like pakistan, sri lanka, USA, Canada, Indonisia, Tunisia,... We offer tracked shipping starting of only 0.75$! Insurrenced against theft and lost items. We are the only webshop on the internet that is accepting Payza from the start. Other accepted payments are alert-pay, neteller , payza, solidtrustpay and perfect money. Paypal and Moneybookers (skrill) are accepted on request. We are 5 years online and we started from 2010. The internet is filled of proof and that is why we can state we are the best choice! Don't make a mistake a buy with us!


We providing reselling services for people who do not have paypal or a credit card via bitcoin!

We offer a service that concentrate on items we do not sell on our webshop. Amazon has a great inventory, same as ebay or aliexpress. We help people buying the goods with out credit cards and accept bitcoin in return for it.


- we only accept orders over 50$. We do not spoil our time with small orders.

- our fee is 7% for orders from 50-100$ (for every 100$, you pay 7$...)

- our fee is 5% for orders from 100-350$ (every 100$, we charge 5$)

- our fee is 2% for order over 350$ (every 100$, we charge 2$)

Bitcoin is is very valuable currency, and can be trade mostly flawless without fees, thats why fees that are that cheap.


Please send us an email to with the item, the price, price of shipping, the delivery addresse, we will check if we are able to help you, and make a quote on pricing.

To give you an example:

Bob is paying pants on ebay.  They are from Nike, they are 120$ worth, this includes shipping. The cost towards you will be 1.05 x 120$, the new total will be 126$, we make a temporary account, order it, and give you access to it. 


We providing bitcoin to real PREPAID CREDIT CARDS!


card  cost (shipping + card + activtion fee) delivery days
175$ (mastercard) 205$ 7-20 worldwide
400$ (VISA) 435$ 7-20 worldwide


Please send us an email to or with the card , the delivery addresse, we will check if we are able to help you. addictional you can add us on google hangouts.


Prepaid, non reloadable cards, can not be used for gas. started in 2010 - we are 6 years in bussiness!



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